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Some Interesting Facts

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Whilst many home and business owners install burglar alarms, they often neglect the CCTV aspect of their property's security.

With the Police becoming under more pressure than ever with dwindling numbers, the CCTV aspect of your security system could be the one thing that actually helps identify, catch and prosecute those involved in crime....but, before we talk about 'when' it happens, let's talk about the 'if'.

Like burglar alarms, overt CCTV systems act as a fantastic deterrent on their own. Without the need for extensive wiring or false alarms, and, it can be monitored remotely. This gives you control and peace of mind.

Most crimes against properties are opportunistic. If there's a chance, it'll be taken.

With an ex-police officer on the team who specialised in Burglary Investigation, we have a source of extra intelligence when installing CCTV systems. Andy always asked the burglars he interviewed "what is the biggest deterrent when you burgle"? Can you guess?

The most popular answer was always a dog. Then came CCTV along with high fences, locked gates, awkward access and egress routes and being over looked. Not many feared a burglar alarm.

Whilst we aren't dismissing the fact that an alarm that sounds if being broken into will more than likely encourage the burglar to leave and warn you and others around you, the damage can already be done.

CCTV can be retro fitted or incorporated into a new building, with as many cameras as you need/want and all in your control at the touch of a button (or screen).

If you've suffered at the hands of a burglar, shop lifter, vandal, nasty neighbour or would just like a little peace of mind - get in touch.

We can fit cameras anywhere you want them. In the home or in your business.

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