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Multi-Room Audio

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Having a party? With Multi Room Audio and Visual distribution you can listen to music anywhere in your house in the rooms of your choice, or why not select party mode to fill each room with the same tunes!


At Intelligent Living we can assist with the design, supply and installation of many different types of audio system. From multi room audio systems that allow you to listen to various audio sources, including your own music library, in multiple locations, to a surround sound system that recreates the 'cinema experience' or just a simple stereo setup to create a listening environment.

4 zone music distribution

Are you fed up with the TV unit being a dust collector or having Sky Box's in each room? Intelligent Living can centrally locate your Sky Box(s), AV Receiver, Apple TV, SONOS music player, DVD Player and CCTV to anywhere in your home. All of which can be accessed through your smart device or remote control which is directly linked to your automation system.

We only use performance products that meet our exacting standards in sound and vision, delivering entertainment and art exactly as it was designed to be experienced.

By employing Intelligent Living we can provide individually zoned music and Video in all rooms of the home with discreet wall or ceiling mounted speakers.

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