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Home Security & CCTV

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Intelligent Living partner with specialist contractors to install Home Security systems and CCTV to meet insurance standards.


These systems fully integrate with your automated home and can also be monitored by a dedicated call centre who can dispatch the emergency services when triggered.

Our innovative security solutions include CCTV, which can be customised to record when detecting movement and accessed from anywhere in the world, from your home display screens or through internet connection through our SMART technology.

CCTV systems not only provide a visible deterrent but monitor your property 24 hours a day. On holiday? Check in with your smart device from your hotel room to give you the peace of mind everything is ok back home. We can fully customise your security system to integrate with other aspects of your home automation too, such as setting up light activation routines when you are away. With the ability to keep an eye on your property wherever you are in the world, our security systems bring that added peace of mind to your home automation solution.

Not only does your security system provide you with peace of mind you can also utilise it for your own personal needs, we can make it possible to answer your gate intercom from anywhere in the world and let the courier in to deliver your parcel, or the Gardner in to water your plants. You may want to know the kids are home safely? We can install systems which not only monitor the entrances to your home but can lock the house once all of the family are home.

Intelligent Living with personalise a system that fits with your needs and budget.

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