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Intelligent Living Doesn't Cost The Earth

But it can rock your world!

The old adage 'if it looks too good to be true, it usually is', is a reliable, most of the time, however, there are a few exceptions.

Home automation isn't just about the theatre of opening blinds with the same remote that controls your TV, Audio, Lighting, get the idea.

Automation is an investment in the longevity of your home, the tech it has inside and making it efficient - saving money as well as time.



Returning home to the lights greeting you. Your favourite playlist to walk into. The house at the temperature you like. Welcome home lights outside. And, you enter via your front door that is, not only keyless, but has unique codes for each member of your family.


Imagine you are working away from home and it's the end of the school/work day. You receive the notification on your smart device - phone, tablet, laptop, watch - to say that your child or partner has returned home safely.

They are now walking into a safe, secure and welcoming house that looks after them and gives you peace of mind as well as some pretty cool toys.



It's not for all, but it's a very savvy piece of technology that grows with you and will have you reaching for the single remote rather than hunting for the sound bar remote, finding the TV remote and then realising that the remote for the stereo needs new batteries...

One control. In Control. Control4 you.

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