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We recently visited a home to repair an outdoor CCTV camera, and whilst on site, we noticed several things that basically compromised and almost negated the purpose of the camera.

After a brief survey, we fixed all the flaws and gave the customer their invoice of £0 (incl VAT). Stay with us...we're heading some where with this.

Simple. Effective. Free

Even though our customer had a fantastic camera with a great hard drive that could record for hours, security lights, a mobile app and our support, they also left their windows open whilst out, a lovely laptop on their kitchen table and the gate at the rear of their house unlocked.

Investing in home security, but not looking after the simple things is basically a waste of money. Whereas, invest time in the simple things and money into technology and you've pretty much covered all bases.

What Makes Us The Experts

As a business, we specialise in Home Automation - linking all audio/visual/lighting/security aspects of your home together - we have years of experience. We also have an ex-police officer on the team who spent many years within burglary investigation. These aspects, coupled with some incredible equipment from Control4 makes as leaders in our field.

Intelligent Living is a company that cares - we enjoy what we do. Success, pride and accomplishment are all high on our list.

If you're looking for a simple 1 camera system to a complete home automation solution, you can rest easy when you call.

Stay safe.

Den and the Intelligent Living Team

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